Why Counselling

Why Counselling

Career cite is one of the most sophisticated and innovative career path decision providers. Shakeel Ahmed who runs Career cite through career counselling process uses a unique and scientifically develop tested instruments like career aptitude assessment, career personality assessment, and career interest assessment to create a comprehensive profile of a student's natural abilities and inborn talents. After that, scientifically designed profile of the student is compared with several careers and the best fit careers are suggested to the student along with step by step guide for those careers. When students understand their natural talents, their confidence increases and they take interest in the career paths given to them.

Here are the reasons for opting for Career counselling:

Designed by experts: All the programs are designed by Shakeel Ahmed who has more than 25 years of experience in this field. Besides that, before framing any program it does complete research on it.

Reliability of the assessments: Assessments has been stringently tested for its Validity and Reliability. In fact, it has been established under the supervision of some of the most prominent experts in the field of psychology and psychometrics. School students of various cities in India especially Patna were tested for establishing the Validity and Reliability of the test. In order to engage the child over a longer period of time without letting them lapse into fatigue fine art specialists are engaged in the designing process.

Based on Indian Careers: Moreover, all the programs are designed focusing on Indian careers. The assessments are specially designed for the Indian Context. Career cite has specially designed and formulated an overall program to help the students with those careers that are more relevant and prevalent in India.

Therefore, opting for career counselling will allow you to make the right career choice which is the deciding factor for your overall career growth and success throughout your life span.

Shakeel Ahmad identified many gaps in the guidance and delivery mechanism. There are many options in the market and the students are confused to pick the best fit one. Many are plunged into hasty decisions owing to societal and peer pressure. In most of the cases, the parents are not equipped with tools for better guidance. So, they believe on the hearsay.

This prompted Shakeel Ahmad to start his own venture to guide students to achieve their goals. His objective is to equip the students of different streams with the contemporary professions and new-age careers, and assist them in shaping their future.

There is more to career counselling than meets the eye. Shakeel feels there has to be hand-holding all through the process with a customized approach. Gone are the days, when people resort to a one-size-fits-all approach. So Shakeel puts his best foot forward to gain deeper insights into the student personality to offer the best in guidance.